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Harassment of the Police State

On February 15th 2024 we had a visit from the Police State. For two 59 year-old women: 5 Police cars and a dog-handler van.
English version.

Debrief of arrest part 1 in German

Debrief of arrest part 2 in German
:Maria Cornelia Louise: aka Meryl.

Wakey Wakey Tree

This tree is mentioned in debrief part 2.

Come and visit our Tree. If you register Date and Time through the contact form, we serve you a coffee.

For more videos concerning above event go to Kurzvideos.

Letters to: Cantonal Police of Fribourg, Préfet de la Glâne, Debt Collection Office

Letter of the public prosecutor’s office to

In this mirror world it’s always the same: A burgler comes into your house and you knock  him out. Then they take you to court for obstructing a burglary.

Answer from the legal unit of the Cantonal Police to
Madame Melissen

Cease and Desists as answer to the two letters

Sandrine Chardonnens
Murielle Decurtins
Anja Weingart

Correspondence with Pascal Najadi

The answer states Pascal Najadis vision, personal knowledge and opinion.
We try to make sense of the World situation by looking at it from ALL angles.

Mail sent by Team Switzerland
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