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Swiss Peace and Prosperity Flag©

A new flag is on its way.
It is being printed and soon you can order one too or you create your own.

The copyright of the Flag lies with Team Switzerland™:

You may use the flag and print it, but you are not allowed to sell it.

As soon as the flags are printed, they can be ordered from us (production costs + postage and packaging + 10% to help people in need).

Swiss Peace and Prosperity Flag©

Team Switzerland Seal™

This seal may only be used from Team Switzerland™.

Team Switzerland™
:maria cornelia louise: melissen. / :christina: leuthard. / :martin adrian: iseli. / :yvonne: gamsriegler.

Team Switzerland Seal©

Development of the Swiss Peace and Prosperity Flags / Logos©

Graphic creation by Roland Stähli based on the design by :maria cornelia louise :melissen. aka Meryl.

The copyright of all the flags showing one (or two) doves flying out of the Swiss Cross belongs to 
Team Switzerland™:
:maria cornelia louise :melissen. / :yvonne :gamsriegler. / :christina :leuthard. / :martin adrian :iseli.

The flag design changed slightly over time: 

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