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Whistleblowers and External Experts from Switzerland

Why we have an “External Experts from Switzerland” page:

Everything is a lie and almost everyone is lying… Look around and observe, be critical.
But we can’t know everything about every subject since the rabbit-hole is far too deep.
The deception played on the world is soooo HUGE that all matters must be scrutinised
and even then it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. 
Many people have had an Eureka moment in their professional lives. Seeing through the lies perpetrated at their workplace they become WHISTLEBLOWERS. 
With others, it’s frustration about the knowledge of the sheer nonsense spoon-fed by church, state and school. 

The experts we give a place on our platform:

  • we met “personally”
  • are passionate about their subject and have studied it for many years 
  • want the FACTS to be known, according to their research
  • are prepared to answer your questions and queries.
  • as we say in La Romandie; “C’est pour mourir moins con”!


Georg Bender – Bank / Money / Finance


Maan – Criminal Charges against Swiss International Airlines 

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