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Arrest Warrants and Cases


Arrest Warrants and Cases

On this page, we publish cases and letters and the corresponding documentation as well as arrest warrants, which were created by We The People from Switzerland. 

Step by step instructions on how to proceed in order to have your “case” published on this page.

Arrest Warrant Thomas Allemann04.04.2024martin-adrianwarrant
Arrest Warrant Sandra Battistini04.04.2024christina-and-ivanwarrant
Arrest Warrant David Scicchitano04.04.2024christina-and-ivanwarrant
Arrest Warrant Anja Käser04.04.2024martin-adrianwarrant
Letter template27.03.2024templatecase
Arrest Warrant Albulena Pacolli25.03.2024maria-graziawarrant
Arrest Warrant Dario Deplazes25.03.2024maria-graziawarrant
Arrest Warrant Silvio Lenz25.03.2024maria-graziawarrant
Arrest Warrant Frank Schuler25.03.2024maria-graziawarrant
Arrest Warrant Sandra Maissen25.03.2024maria-graziawarrant
Schritt für Schritt Anleitung07.02.2024, , team-switzerlandvorlagecase live-life-claim warrant
Arrest Warrant Gabriela Sallmann03.02.2024team-switzerlandwarrant
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