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WE’d like to take you by the hand
And give you a tour of Switzerland (The Swiss Confederation)

Please be mindful that this site is a work in progress, being updated continuously

Who are WE and What is our Mission

WE are Swiss Residents representing various regions of our country with no political orientation.

WE are spiritual men and women but do not adhere to any religious doctrine.

WE come from different professional backgrounds including, amongst others Farming, IT, Finance, House Keeping, Architecture, Mechanics and Natural Healing and Therapeutic care.

WE met each other through HRM Queen Romana‘s Cease and Desist Channel on Telegram, since WE had questions about the disproportionate measures taken by the authorities concerning the COVID 19 «health crisis  Plandemic».

During our exchanges, WE realized that the Swiss authorities did not respect :

  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • the Nuremberg Code
  • the Swiss Constitution

WE wanted to reveal the truth about the Covid Scam to the We The People of Switzerland and WE sent arrest-warrants to the instigators and perpetrators through the Swiss Cease & Desist channel.

At the same time, a plan for the Post-Plandemic-Future was being devised behind the scenes in order to bring peace and prosperity back to an economically devastated Global Community. Visit also QRTRV News on Rumble for more insight.

WE will show you how the current system works against US and how We The People can provide solutions to turn things around.

This can obviously not be done in an hour,
so YOU will have to roll up your sleeves and DYOR (Do Your Own Research)
Keep an open mind, since many things written here
you may have never read before and...
let's dive in together

The Swiss Confederation: is Switzerland a corporation?

Switzerland was transformed from 2001, into a nested holding company without sovereign legitimacy,
this process was finished in 2014. The conversion was illegal…But what does this mean?

Our “state” Switzerland, has been illegally transformed into private (foreign) corporations behind our backs for years. Municipalities, cantons, the federal government, offices and state institutions have become companies of a “government industry”. Those companies are registerd in New York.
It is high time that we re-establish the rule of law and bring those who are acting illegally to account.

All Swiss «goverment» corporations are registered at Dun & Bradstreet, New York NY: Dun&Bradstreet

To find out what Company your comune is: UID-Register

Even the Police, The Courts and Debt Collection Agencies are companies!

To register a company in the Commercial Registry, the decisions of its governing bodies must be submitted in writing. In the case of an organisation under public law, voting by parliament and the people would have been required. But neither one nor the other took place…

Thus these foundations are illegal and these companies lack sovereign legitimacy. In order to be legally active as a trading company, it must also be published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC / SHAB). No such publication ever happened.

Thus, the companies are not capable of acting/trading. In addition, the entries and withdrawals of the company’s authorised representatives would have to be published in the Official Gazette of Commerce. This too never took place.

Conclusion :
All actions of the former authorities and offices (today: companies / corporations of the division “Government Industry”) are null and void.
Not only the “authorized agents”, but also all employees of the companies
(e.g. police officers, school principals, land registrars, etc.) act illegally and at their own risk.

They are liable for everything they do and do not do – privately.

For further information visit the SiPS association: SiPS association (DE, FR, IT)

kla.tv Broadcast on this topic: Ist der Staat Schweiz eine Firma? (DE, FR)

How the civil servants became employees:

A report by the business audit commissions of February 12, 1998, criticizes the lack of a uniform personnel policy and unclear competencies. A verdict that the Federal Council cannot ignore. On December 14, 1998, it submits a dispatch and draft of the Federal Personnel Act. Parliament emphasizes the importance of flexibility and competitiveness. Federal Councillor Kaspar Villiger puts it in a nutshell on October 5, 1999: “When society and the economy change, the state must also adapt, its organisations must also change and its actions/trading must change.”

A central component of the law passed on March 24, 2000, is the abolition of civil servant status: election for a term of office is replaced by terminable employment under public law. As a result, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations have since been applied, unless the Federal Personnel Act provides otherwise.
Law to abolish civil servant status (only in DE,FR,IT)

Taxes: the biggest hoax ever!

The BIG REVEAL : In the law books, Civil Code and in the Code of Obligations one finds neither for NATURAL nor for LEGAL PERSONS a TAX OBLIGATION !

Taxes are :

  • NOT legal
  • considered to be donations
  • everywhere (please note the list below is not exhaustive) :
    Income Tax, Direct payment to farmers, VAT, All other National Govt taxes, Fuel Tax, Carbon Tax, All fraudulent “permits” that are also hidden taxes, Funeral Tax, Inheritance/Estate Transfer fees, Water bill Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Fishing license, Business taxes, Car registration fees, Insurance Tax, Service charges, School taxes, Building permits, Road Tax, Postage, (Driver’s) license renewal, Property Tax/Stamp Duty, Airline surcharge and Fuel Tax, Hunting License Fee, Marriage License, Rental taxes on essential equipment/tools/products, Tuition Tax, Nose Bogey Tax, Workers Compensation Tax, Etc Tax


Open voting – Landsgemeinde – Town Meeting
Could you be swayed?
Will you vote against your boss or “business interests” if they are standing next to you 🤔

The following site : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voting_in_Switzerland#Postal_voting
gives a pretty good rendition about voting in Switzerland, especially about
Keep in the back of your minds how the ballots were switched in the US during the 2020 elections and that the Swiss Post partnered with Scytl. Also that there are serious allegations that the UBS holds a stake in the Dominion voting system…




Source graphics: Silvano Trotta
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